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Video Production

From documentaries, television commercials, training, event, corporate and government video production to live video streaming we can do it all.


Name a type of a photography and we’ve shot it for our clients over our 10 years in business. We strive to capture the energy and emotion of what is in front of our lens in the highest quality format. Take a look at our portfolio and see if our style suits yours.

UAV – Aerial Imagery

We are a certified Compliant UAV operator holding a blanket SFOC (Special Flight Operations Certificate) from Transport Canada to fly in almost all airspace in British Columbia. With 4 types of multi-rotor aircraft and a blimp on hand we can launch right away or in less than 48 hours in complex areas.  Complex operations are over unsecured areas–places where the general public, spectators, roads with active traffic, and open-air assembly of persons are present.

  • Aerial Photography
  • Aerial Videography
  • Indoor Inspections — Inspect hard to reach areas quicker and cost effectively.
  • Outdoor Inspections  — Highway, road, building, site, bridges.
  • Mapping and Surveying
    • Oil & Gas – Right-of-Way planning, lease planning, site surveys
    • Power lines – Right-of-Way planning, convergence of vegetation
    • Telecommunications – Right-of-Way planning, obstruction analysis (Line of sight)
    • Transportation – Mapping, profiles, cross sections, cut & fill volumes, planning
    • Utilities – Right-of-Way planning
    • Environmental Monitoring – Vegetation density, shoreline mapping
    • Forestry – vegetation density
    • Mining – Volume calculations, environmental impact
    • Municipal Developments – Grading, drainage, contours, planning, visual impact assessment
  • Agriculture
  • Search & Rescue
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Volume Calculation
  • Construction Progress Monitor
  • Traffic Study

Our UAV images and data can be used for Orthomosaic Imagery, Georeferenced Imagery, 3D point clouds. 3D models of landscapes and/or structures, Line of sight analysis, and even Real Estate Listings.

Electronic News Gathering / Electronic Field Production

To date we have contributed to over 80 stories on Provincial, National and International matters. We capture a great story visually, ask the hard questions, and understand your hard deadlines.


We shoot full HD and can deliver footage wirelessly on LTE/3G served areas or through the TELUS NewsRoute™ service (Beng Box).


If there’s a breaking story or you need any footage for your production call us day or night.